Hot Metal Tonic: Free Verse Poetry

First Week Release: #1 Amazon Bestseller

Hot Metal Tonic is the molten form of love and hatred, personal struggle, and whiskey-laced madness. The collection of over 180 poems before you represents a significant contribution to the art form of free verse MicroPoetry, a medium born of our social media culture. As cigar smoke plumes across his office ceiling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gavalik paints a sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and consistently thoughtful portrait of this modern life. Divided into sections on dating and relationships, career, friends and enemies, family, and spirituality, every single poem is mainlined into the reader’s emotional center in 140 characters or less.
"Reminiscent of Pound and Ginsberg, Gavalik is an innovative new voice in American poetry."
-Carla Anderton, Editor in Chief, Pennsylvania Bridges and author of The Heart Absent
"Much like good whiskey, Gavalik's writing is smooth and unapologetic with a burn that that will keep you warm for days."
-Stephanie M. Wytovich, Bram Stoker Award nominated poet for Hysteria: A Collection of Madness
"Hot and gritty, this is poetry for the heart, mind and soul. Embrace it."
-Melanie Adkins, Book Reviewer, Have You Heard My Book Review

Grit City: Urban Fantasy Series

Grit City is the first published Emotobooks™ series. Each of the seven mystery/urban fantasy episodes range between 30-45 pages, longer than traditional short stories and comic books. Collect issues of Grit City from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and other major eBook retailers.
“Five stars! When I heard there was a new way of reading I knew right away I had to check it out. The Grit City emotobooks are wonderful."
- Misty Nicholson-Price, Bookaholics Book Club
“Grit City Emotobooks are not only a good read, but provide a chance to be a part of the future of fiction.”

- April Pohren, Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews

“Grit City is really dark and morbid but deliciously riveting.”
- Mindy Macheske, My Hidden Bookshelf Book Reviews