Grit City Emotobooks™ Series

Grit City is the first published Emotobooks series. Each of the seven mystery/urban fantasy episodes range between 30-45 pages, longer than traditional short stories and comic books. Collect issues of Grit City from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and other major eBook retailers.
GC1: Blood in the Warehouse District

In this first issue, Dillon Galway is tipped off about a mass murder in Grit City's warehouse district. Armed with only his wits and prized SLR digital camera, he hits the streets in the middle of the night to nail the story. When a horrific discovery boxes him into a life or death confrontation, he calls in the sultry gunfighter, Alyssa Stephano.

Join the Emotobooks Revolution!

The Emotobooks fiction medium was developed by Ron Gavalik in 2011 to distinguish the first medium of fiction that combines written short stories and novels with the illustrated visualization of character emotions.
Abstract images are occasionally placed between paragraphs in critical scenes throughout each Emotobook during key story moments. This formula adds an extraordinary visual enhancement to the traditional reading experience.
GC2: Malevolence Draped in Black

Dillon Galway continues his investigation of the warehouse murders, which leads him to a man with mystical abilities. On orders of the Syndicate, Alyssa Stephano is thrust into a losing situation with several corrupt cops. In a city of malevolence, both Dillon and Alyssa must fight sinister men to save their gritty lives.
GC3: Metaphysical Musings

On the run, Dillon Galway must find and help Alyssa Stephano escape certain murder. His goal is vanquished when a gang of mysterious men in black overcoats pursues him with murderous intent. In a fog of pain and inner darkness, a metaphysical being saves him from an early demise and forever changes the course of his life.
GC4: The Power Within

Forever changed by the metaphysical power, Dillon Galway comes to terms with his new abilities. Alyssa Stephano is hunted by the cops, but finds a holdup with the Black Gold pimps. Branded as the Syndicate's enemy #1, she quickly learns greed trumps all alliances. Outnumbered and exhausted, she fights for survival and receives help from an unlikely hero.
GC5: The Man of Light and Power

Dillon Galway struggles to maintain control of his life while under the influence of the metaphysical power. Forsaken by the dominant reach of the Syndicate, Alyssa Stephano learns she and Dillon are mistakenly blamed for the warehouse murders. Together, they hit the streets in search of a safe holdup before the cops or gangs can deliver revenge.
GC6: Rectification

Betrayed by false friendship, Dillon Galway and Alyssa Stephano must again fight to keep their gritty lives. In a city without options, they have no choice but to meet an enemy in the hope he can rehabilitate their tarnished reputations. Meanwhile, the Firewalkers advance their sinister mission.
GC7: Deliverance

Every gun in the city is on the hunt for Dillon Galway and Alyssa Stephano. With nowhere to turn, they meet Bruce Trent at the Servian wall at the Syndicated Energy tower. Hope is lost in this final explosive installment as the Firewalkers prepare their final blow. Under the threat of certain murder, Dillon and Alyssa come to realize their true feelings…and their final destinies.

Grit City Recommendations

“Five stars! When I heard there was a new way of reading I knew right away I had to check it out. The Grit City emotobooks are wonderful."
- Misty Nicholson-Price, Bookaholics Book Club
“Grit City Emotobooks are not only a good read, but provide a chance to be a part of the future of fiction.”
- April Pohren, Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews
“Grit City is really dark and morbid but deliciously riveting.”
- Mindy Macheske, My Hidden Bookshelf Book Reviews
“The central characters, Dillon and Alyssa, are vividly and evocatively depicted, their stories are engrossing and visceral, and the reader can't help but keep turning the pages.”
- Carla E. Anderton, President, Board of Directors - Jozart Center for the Arts
“Ron Gavalik and the creative team applies an even hand in bringing back the genre of pulp noir in Grit City, but with a little something extra thrown in. Visceral and engaging, Grit City is a fresh take on the cross-genre of mystery and urban fantasy.”
- Scott Johnson, horror author of Deadlands
“The roller coaster of action and suspense kept me turning the pages. I was sucked in from the very first page.”
- Jennifer Dermaso, Reading with Pug Book Reviews

Grit City Credits

Ron Gavalik, Author
Zach Revale, Illustrator
Alexis Jenny, Editor

Special Thanks

Nikki Hopeman, Proofing and Critique
Jim Settnek, Previous Illustration
Leah Keilman, Previous Illustration
Stephanie King, Previous Proofing and Editing