Pittsburgh Writer rewards our friends with a lucrative referral program. You're encourage to share our Creative Services with individuals and organizations that require our expertise. You'll help them, help us, and yourself.
Marketing Consultants and Resellers! You're invited to use Pittsburgh Writer as your wholesale service provider and resell our services to your clients.

Referral Commissions Schedule

Technical Writing and MarComm
Pittsburgh Writer doesn't offer Quick Order Discounts for technical writing projects. Commissions equal 10% of all custom billed services. (Excludes W2 or 1099 contract employment.)
Proofreading and Editing
Proofing: less than 25 pages: $1.00
Proofing: 25 or more pages: $5.00
Editing: less than 50 pages: $5.00
Editing 50 or more pages: $15.00
Revolutionary Social  Management
Annual Plans: $400.00
Monthly Plans: $40 (monthly)
Social Media Pofile Design
Standard Cover Design(s): $5.00 (per order)
Blended Cover Design(s): $8.00 (per order)
Social Media Mass Traffic
1 Service: $5.00
2-3 Services: $8.00
4-5 Services: $15.00
SEO Marketing Campaigns
30-Day Campaign: $10.00
SEO Article(s): $5.00 (per order)
Complete Book Formatting
eBook Formats: $5.00
Paperback Formats: $8.00
Superior Book Cover Design
Stock Image Cover Design: $5.00
Illustrated Cover Design: $10.00
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Complete the Form!

Complete the entire form. Clients MUST provide their referral. If they provide a name we've never heard, it's impossible to pay the reward. We strongly suggest creating a PayPal account. If you prefer the old fashioned method, we will happily mail paper checks.

Terms and Conditions!

We really want to give you money. Referrals through word-of-mouth marketing has always been and always will be the #1 form of building sustainable business relationships. (That's precisely how we operate our social media mangement services.) If you bring us clients, we'll deliver you rewards. Simple.

In a skeptical world of online business, it's natural to believe referrals don't pay off. Let's clear this up right now.

WE HAPPILY PAY REFERRALS. Once we complete a job and the client is satisfied with the work, we'll immediately issue you the reward.

Please be cool out there. We make a living by helping you make a living. SPAMMING, hateful remarks, empty promises, or any other horror show we can't think of that makes Pittsburgh Writer look terrible does real damage to our brand. Be good to us and we'll be good to you. Deal? Awesome.
Pittsburgh Writer reserves the right to withhold referral rewards for the following reasons:

...If the client doesn't know you.
We require that clients cough up the name of referrals. They simply aren't allowed to blow that off. Please don't claim false referrals.

...If you act like an ass. Let's be clear. This is not an affiliate network or legally binding program of any kind. If we catch you SPAMMING or otherwise acting unprofessionally, we'll simply erase your name from our rolls and pretend we've never met.

...If we issue a refund. Pittsburgh Writer offers 100% Money-Back Guarantees for Creative Services before a project begins or if the work isn't delivered on time. Keep in mind, we ALWAYS deliver excellent work and within the set timeframe. We've never been asked (knock on wood) to issue a refund.