The development of superior communications vehicles are proven tools that cut business costs while simultaneously increasing profitable revenues. Ron Gavalik has over 15 years of experience in technical writing and marketing communications with organizations of all sizes. Project managers, small business owners, and operations staffs have all provided recommdendations for excellent work completed ahead of schedule.

Documentation Examples

End-User Manuals
Field Manuals
Training Materials
Employee Handbooks
FAQ/Help Documentation
Fact Sheets
Technical Specifications
Product Catalogs
Marketing Copy
Website Content
Social Media Campaign Content
White Paper Development
Release Notes
Newsletter Development
Feature News Articles
Blog Articles
Press Releases
Media Advisories
Corporate Biographies
Quarterly/Annual Reports
Public Relation Plans
Public Service Announcements
Video Scriptwriting
...and any custom project...

A Statement of Professional Writing

It’s apparent that many successful organizations are cutting costs and lowering operations budgets by foregoing professional writing services. The use of poor communications vehicles leads to customer confusion, which spurs higher operations costs and decreased revenue. Profitable innovation is sacrificed when organizations are forced to field unnecessary communications issues.

Far too often the intricacies of authoring superior documentation is ignored for half-measures. Engineers, scientists, and business professionals who achieve great feats in their chosen arenas often believe they inherently possess technical writing skills. That arrogance has led many organization into stagnation or failure.

Definitive technical manuals, training guides, and marketing materials set the tone for an industry. Successful documentation fosters an environment for higher consumption, which then leads to increased revenue. In other words, professional writing is not an overhead cost, but a profit generating service.
Pittsburgh Writer holds the highest standards for written communications and artistic endeavor. While engineers and carpenters place value on finished, tangible goods, skilled writers work in the cerebral. Our products, however, contain the craftsmanship of the most powerful electronic gadgets and the magnificence of handcrafted oak furniture.

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Contact Pittsburgh Writer about your technical writing or marcomm project. 24 hour turnarounds for small projects can be requested. Organizations may also request a full resume or interview for in-house contract employment (1099 or W2).


“Ron’s performance during his employment was exceptional.”
- Joyce Query, President/CEO of i-Squared
“Ron did a great job at writing the manuals and meeting the deadlines.”
- Walt Stanfield, Maintenance Superintendent of ALCOSAN
“I wholeheartedly endorse Ron as a technical writer and believe he possesses the flexibility and professionalism to meet your needs.”
- Matthew Williams, I.T. Trainer, Crown Castle
"I would recommend Ron without hesitation."
- David Gallagher, Director of Success, LandOpt

Endorsed Technical Writing Guidebooks

Prefer to create your own technical documents or communications vehicles?
Use the these guides to learn the necessary skills.
Technical Writing 101
Pringle and O'Keefe
A fantastic guide for the entry-level technical writer. A must for anyone who crafts communications.
The Elements of Style
Strunk and White
Critical to fully understand standard English usage in any writing medium.
The Associated Press Stylebook
Associated Press
Critical for maintaining proper style in journalism and technical writing.
The Chicago Manual of Style
The University of Chicago Press Staff
The definitive style guide for technical publications.